Wir reisen wieder! („Let's travel again!”)

The cross media initiative for content marketing and story telling with professional sales promotion

WIR REISEN WIEDER! („Let's travel again!”) - the cross media initiative by travel and video journalist Claudius Rajchl in cooperation with sales & marketing expert Sonja Parapatits combines top travel journalism, story telling with value-added features, referral marketing and professional  sales promotion. The business solution for flexible content marketing with eight components.

Our media initiative www.wirreisenwieder.at (Let’s travel again), created in response to the initial April 2020 Corona lockdown measures, will go beyond Austria’s borders and is a great way to showcase the advantages of your travel destination for the Tourism Re-start in 2021! We bring together destination areas, service and hospitality providers (hotels, recreational facilities), transportation providers and Austrian event organizers and create a supportive network for your flexible, 360-degree content marketing campaign for a fresh start to tourism in 2021. Flexible and customized to suit your needs and budget!

Mix-and-match these eight components to create your effective content marketing campaign.

1. Research-informed top stories with value-added features

Travel- and video-journalist Claudius Rajchl brings together high quality travel journalism, storytelling expertise, remarketing and professional sales promotion.


- Platform www.wirreisenwieder.at  („Let‘s travel again“) with travel stories, videos, expert tips, contests and bookable top-offers for added value for WIR REISEN WIEDER! readers.


Media data per cooperation: starting with 3.000 to 5.000 Unique User,

2:22 minutes average stay time.


- Research-supported top stories with added value: travel journalist Claudius Rajchl selects the best elements of your destination, hotel and offer and crafts stories that many of your guests have not yet heard. In the most economical option, we can take image and video material provided by you and, based on briefing sessions  with you, create unique texts and storytelling material relying on our decades of travel journalism expertise!

2. Editorial Video Content with rajchlreist.tv

Exciting, inspiring and journalistic travel video coverage including drone footage. From the perspective of a travel pro, tailored to your marketing content needs. In the highest image-film-quality with camera man and models, or as a simplified, cost-saving one-man-reporter option!


We are happy to create a custom offer for you.

3. Content campaign and sales promotion on Facebook

Professional Facebook marketing and campaign management 

provided by sales expert Sonja Parapatits 


- Contest including GDPR-conforming information disclosure (addresses)


- Promotion of bookable packages, expert tips, hotel and destination tips.


- Running time: starting from 1 week, 3 posts


- Photo-Optimization: editing and optimising of provided photo material and supplementation using captivating stock photos as needed.

- Facebook coverage (May 29—Nov. 11, 2020) 82,000 user,  1,219 likes



4. Turbo Campaign with thousands of guaranteed clicks

 You decide which topics you want to advertise and from which areas you would like to target customers. We do the rest!


- Promotion with original photo/text-teasers in editorial context by relevant online media.


- Leading algorithms (Outbrain, Taboola) search out thousands of interested users from the travel-loving target market.


- The placement is FREE! You only pay for real clicks on your offer!


- Regional Targeting: You decide where your customers live.


 A network of more than 100 top online media is available. For example krone.at, kurier.at, sn.at, spiegel.de, 

bild.de, nachrichten.at etc. 

5. Rajchlreist.tv — on SN.at, kurier.at, schauTV and more

Fascinating video content including drone footage, available in a minimalist reporter optionor in the highest image-film-quality combined with stories and media placement of your choice.


- Salzburger Nachrichten: long-term placement on the travel channel www.SN.at/rajchlreist including promotion by Salzburger Nachrichten with homepage placements, newsletter with 50,000 travel and leisure subscribers, Facebook and in the travel section of the SN print edition.


Media data: per cooperation 3,000-5,000 unique users, 3-5 min. Stay time


- Kurier & SchauTV: Advertorial with video embedding on kurier.at, including advertising with image/text Teaser with minimum 100,000 ad impressions, newsletter with 25,000 subscribers, and 13-minute entry on regional TV station schauTV (over 90,000 daily viewers), and optional placement in the travel section of KURIER print edition.


Example: http://bit.ly/rajchlreistKURIER


- Extended media partners: e.g. Oberösterreichische Nachrichten, Wiener Bezirksblatt and more.

6.Video Spots in public spaces

The perfect supplement to your video campaign! Striking and effective 20-second spots including Facebook link, promoted in hot-spot locations in Austria-wide public spaces associated with travel.


- 500,000 contact chances daily

- Broadcast period available from 7 days / 63,000 plays



7. B2B meets B2C: Travel with the Pros!

WIR REISEN WIEDER! (“Let’s travel again!”) and Rajchlreist.tv powered by tip! - profit from a perfectly customized campaign with compact, short videos from travel professionals FOR travel professionals with links to B2B content from wirreisenwieder.at and rajchlreist.tv.


The advantages of your destination or hotels offer are presented in an informative and concise manner on tip-online.at and in tip, an industry magazine for tourism professionals.


Complemented in a lasting B2B-presentation in travel magazine for the general public reisetipps and on reisetipps.cc


REISETIPPS („Travel Tips”) is circulated as a supplemental publication for daily newspapers and is available in doctor's offices, salons, cafes and selected lounges across Austria. In addition, travel agencies provide them directly to their customers. 


Reach more than 6,000 tourism-interested and -loving Austrians at once!

8. Bookable Offers in cooperation with Austrian tour operators and travel agencies

Our initiative WIR REISEN WIEDER! captures the imagination of thousands of travel-loving readers with your destination, hotel or offer.


The travel agency initiative „Wir sind reisen -- Made in Austria” („We are travel”) packages and sells bookable offers with your destination, hotel, etc. A group of 9 privately-owned special travel companies have combined forces and offer customized travel offers for individuals and travel groups. With the “100% Made in Austria” component to their slogan, they create a high level of trust within the

Austrian travel-interested market.


Together we are not only able to generate interest in your destination area,we are able to bring the guests from Austria to you!

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