Personal Reportage Videos and Insider Tips from Travel and Video Journalist Claudius Rajchl

For over two decades Claudius Rajchl has been creating high-quality travel reports from across the world. Within the last six years he has used this passion and skill to develop multimedia content marketing campaigns for an international German-speaking audience in cooperation with high level media outlets such as the Salzburger Nachrichten, Kurier, Oberösterreichische Nachrichten and many more!

Take advantage of a premium quality multimedia campaign with journalistic referral techniques.


Excellent marketing reach in the premium segment. In cooperation with Austrian media outlet Salzburger Nachrichten, we create search-engine optimized referral marketing with top-level reach in high quality customer segments that have a long-lasting effect!  

The videos and stories on the travel page www.SN.at/rajchlreist are able to generate thousands of clicks (with long session duration on pages!) from travel enthusiasts even years after your campaign has ended. 


The central element of Rajchlreist.tv is journalistic reportage video by and featuring Claudius Rajchl, which comprises multiple short video chapters. Each short video chapter is produced as a stand-alone piece, in order to service multiple user groups: those that already have a targeted interest in the topic, and would therefore consume the full 5-7 minute video compilation, and those that are flipping through multiple media channels and are more likely to watch shorter segments (under 1 minute). The cooperation partners receive worldwide usage rights for all created content. 


Our user-optimized presentation: the postings on www.SN.at/rajchlreist will integrate the individual video segments into the text, so that playback begins automatically as the video reaches eye level and stops if the reader continues to scroll. 



Embedded in the premium text content: the videos are embedded in online journalistic stories with service, insider tips and value-added features.

Media Data

User Facts & Figures per Cooperation:

ca. 9, 000 page impressions

ca. 2,500 unique users

Average visit duration for the main article: over 3 minutes! 

Over 1,5 % click rate on ad placements in the main editorial body of the page


Perfect Travel Enthusiast Target Group:

19.5% of the purchase-ready users in the Special are travel enthusiasts

78% from Austria, 10% from Germany

55.2% women, 44.8% men


Example of sustainable page views from 2019: 

Carpathos (2017 campaign): 7,010 views, average duration 12:28 minutes


Ossiacher See (2018 campaign): 1,974 page views, average duration 11.41 minutes 

Mix-and-match these  12 Features:

1. Video Story with drone captures incl. worldwide usage rights

2. Bernie's Pictures: Videos and photos in corporate-image-quality by cameraman Bernhard M. Wieland (optional)

3. Online Advertorial with video content and editorial recommendations

4. Reisen wie Rajchl („Travel like Rajchl”): Call to action element or bookable package with direct link to your landing page

5. „Reisen im Kochtopf”: culinary tips and recipes as an appetizer for your travel offer

Rajchlreist Print
Optional: Rajchlreist Reportage im Reiseteil der Salzburger Nachrichten

6. Print story in the travel section of the  Saturday edition of the Salzburger Nachrichten with reference to the online Content (optional)

7. Rajchlreist.tv live: Blogger video content during filming days

8. Videoblitz: Short video format for Facebook und Instagram

9. Newsletter to about 50,000  „Travel & Leisure” subscribers of SN.at (Salzburger Nachrichten)

10. Ad banner in editorial surroundings

11. Video spots across Austria in cooperation with oruvision entreprise : 20 second spots spots including social media coverage, presented in public hotspots related to travel.  (500,000 opportunities for contact daily,display plays starting from ab 7 days/ 63,000 plays)

12. B2B content format „Mit Profis auf Reisen” („Travelling with the Pros”  - in cooperation with Profi Reisen Verlag.


Combinable with our formats WIR REISEN WIEDER!Rajchl's Reise-Tipp and our Turbo Campaigns!

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