Rajchl's Reisetipp („Rajchl's Travel Tip”)

TV reportage with insider tips, presented by travel journalist Claudius Rajchl and Bernhard M. Wieland (camera)

Journalistic online campaign in combination with television: Rajchl’s Travel Tip works in cooperation with Kurier and other media outlets.

To view examples of Rajchl’s Travel Tip campaigns with each media partner, click the logos!

7 Flexible Customizable Components


1. Schau DOKU Rajchl’s Reisetipp: 13-minute editorial television piece with interviews and presentation of the highlights from your portfolio in the style of a report. Aired on schauTV, a regional broadcaster for Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland. One broadcast day with ten airings.


2. Placement on www.schautv.at Worldwide usage rights for the piece.


3. Rajchl’s Reise Tipp: Advertorial in editorial style with personal recommendations, video embedding and information with direct links to selected landing pages.


4. REISEN WIE RAJCHL (Travel Like Rajchl) - plan now! A call to action element with information about your portfolio with direct links to your landing page. 


5. Placement on kurier.at: Image/Text Teaser, up to 100,000 ad impressions, region-, interest- and purchase intent-based targeting (e.g. luxury travel, distant travel, etc.) 


6. Kurier.at newsletter with 25,000 subscribers


7. Rajchl’s Reise Tipp in Kurier Travel & Leisure Sunday print edition with schauTV Tipp and mention of the placements on rajchlreist.tv, kurier.at and schautv.at


Customizable with our format LET’S TRAVEL AGAIN!

Rajchlreist.tv as well as our Turbo-Campaign!



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